Our Price Guarantee

At SVS we are so confident about our prices that we guarantee them 100%.

If you find a quoted price for your project which is less than our quoted price, we guarantee to beat the lower price by 5%.

How to Claim your Guarantee:

Send us your quote for review and comparison and we will issue a revised quote based on our price guarantee. It is that simple!

Policy Conditions require that the quote:

  • Is no more than 90 days old
  • Is obtained from a certified test laboratory
  • Scope of the work and the final reports of the project are the same as ours
  • This guarantee does not apply to outsourced services.

SVS can guarantee its lowest prices, because we are a division of Life Science Outsourcing, Inc., a full service contract manufacturing and testing facility which offers a variety of services to the medical device industry. Our one-stop shop model is designed for efficient and quick market delivery. Our goal is to not just provide you with excellent service but also to foster a successful and continuing working relationship.

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This information was provided by Sterilization Validation Services, a Division of Life Science Outsourcing, Inc. For more information visit www.lso-inc.com/svs